King Bee is an Award-Winning Animation & Production Company based in the icon Elstree Studios. We produce animations for brands, music videos, animated series, education and much more. Feel free to call us on 03332470377 or email us:

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2D Level One - £1,000 per minute

This tends to work well for many explainer videos, music videos, and simpler style animations unless fuller character animation is required.

2D Level Two – £2-3,000 per minute

This allows for much fuller animation, richer backgrounds and special FX which can work really well for more life-like or higher-production value animation.

2D/CG/Advanced Level Three – £4,000 and up per minute

This includes frame by frame (every 25 drawings are different), 3D character animation, deeply textured/illustrated backgrounds and essentially the works! It also includes an extra dimension of innovation. (although King bee prides itself on stylistic originality at any level).